What is Community Energy?


Energy Literacy Report: “Emerging Trends Rocking the Electricity Sector”

Electricity is the “connective tissue” of the information age, powering everything from smartphones to home heating systems to large data centres – enabling virtually every transaction in daily modern life. But despite their vast importance, electricity systems have been slow to innovate and adapt to challenges posed by ageing infrastructure, climate change, evolving environmental and health priorities, and shifting customer demand and preferences. Fortunately, rapid technological progress has overcome or bypassed many previous constraints on how electricity is made and delivered. Advances in renewable energy technologies, communications and controls, distributed generating technologies, and storage have laid the foundation for a ‘smarter’, usercentric electricity system that is environmentally safe, reliable, and resilient. We are on the cusp of an energy transition being felt around the world, one in which a 100% renewable energy future is within reach.

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