Project Overview

Project Overview

The People, Power, Planet Partnership (PPPP) was formed to assess, document and share the experiences and lessons of community energy developments across Canada and beyond, with the goal of increasing the level of awareness and rate of implementation of such projects nation-wide.

Community energy projects can generate many positive outcomes, serving many local, provincial and national objectives:

  • Community economic development
  • Capacity-building and skills development for local self-reliance
  • Energy security and price stability
  • Reduction of social friction around new energy developments
  • Enhancing energy literacy and invoking positive energy behaviour change

Despite these many potential benefits, community energy proliferation has grown at a relatively slow rate. The reasons most commonly cited for this slow rate of uptake are:

  1. Inadequate or absent policy support to enable CE developments
  2. Inadequate capacities and capital within communities to bring CE projects to fruition
  3. A deficit of literacy amongst policy makers and the general public of the energy and policy alternatives available to mitigate climate change and encourage local development
  4. Dominance of incumbent energy sectors which wield enormous influence on policy

This website will be used to share our findings and tell the story of community energy and renewable energy successes in Canada.


This project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.


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