Renewable Energy

In terms of non-hydro electricity, Manitoba has two commercial-scale wind farms totaling 258 MW in the southern part of the province. According to Manitoba’s Clean Energy Strategy, the government has set a long-term target of 1,000 MW of wind power although it has not yet established a timeline for meeting this target. There are currently no commercial solar photovoltaic instllations underway although small residential applications are growing in popularity [i].

Policy Mechanisms

Net Metering is available to customers who own and operate their own renewable electricity generation system, so that they may offset their own energy costs and/or sell excess production to Manitoba Hydro. Installations must be 10 MW or less. Generators that produce less than 200 kW can sell their excess power at the standard residential run-off rate.

Renewable generators operating 200 kW or more must negotiate a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Manitoba Hydro. For projects larger than 10 MW, like the two large wind farms in operation, developers negotiated PPAs for periods of 25 and 27 years.

Manitoba Hydro has also initiated a Bioenergy Optimization Program, which encourages companies to turn their waste products into fuel to produce renewable electricity. The program offers incentives to support feasibility studies and project implementation.


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